TMJ Headaches & Migraines

It’s not all in your head. The scoop on frequent headaches and TMJ

Do you suffer from chronic pain in your temples, forehead, neck, or even shoulders? Do migraine headaches ruin your day? Do you notice that no matter how many pain pills you swallow, the headaches keep coming back and interfering with your family and work life? Do you experience pain or popping in your jaw? If you answered “yes” to the questions above, your symptoms may show that you have a disorder of the TMJ, the temporomandibular joint.

Head pain can be caused by a malfunctioning jaw

The TMJ is the joint connecting your jawbone to your skull. The TMJ consists of upper and lower compartments that are filled with lubricating synovial fluid. A disc separates these two compartments. Like a sliding hinge, the TMJ allows you to talk properly and eat comfortably, but the joint may be damaged by injury, arthritis, or even an imbalance in your bite. When a disorder of the TMJ exists, use of the joint, i.e., talking or eating, may cause extreme tension, resulting in headaches and pain.

The pain related to a TMJ disorder can be so intense that TMJ headaches are often mislabeled as migraine headaches due to their severity and frequency. TMJ disorders are also often misdiagnosed as sinus problems, earaches, and even, sadly, hypochondria. Many sufferers are relieved when they receive a diagnosis of a TMJ disorder because they finally are able to tell the naysayers who downplay their pain that, yes, their problem is, quite literally, all in their heads. Their pain comes from a disorder of the most complex joint in the human body, the TMJ.

A correct diagnosis can be the ticket to effective treatment

If you want an accurate diagnosis of what is causing your headaches, then visiting a dentist who understand your TMJ is a very important step towards effective treatment. Dr. Amy Yoo of White Oak Dental in Calgary, has the tools, training and experience to diagnose TMJ disorders. Once your problem is diagnosed, she will work to perform necessary therapy or treatment to realign your bite. Correct treatment can help decrease the regularity and intensity of your headaches, along with any jaw popping, soreness, or neck and shoulder pain associated with your TMJ disorder.

Meet Dr. Yoo to see if she can help you

Treating your TMJ disorder may be just the key to a happier future, one that is free of pain. Schedule a consultation appointment at White Oak Dental, and find out if Dr. Yoo can help you get relief from your suffering!