The Secret to Dental Pain is Hidden in Your Bite!

As a dental hygienist in Calgary who experienced braces in my late teens and continued to suffer with muscle tension in my head and neck, today I find myself living PAIN FREE.

So how can the alignment of your teeth” Your Bite” have so much to do with the health of your mouth, muscles, posture, body, sleep and more?

Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) occurs when your bite is out of balance causing abnormal stress on your jaw. TMD can cause pain and discomfort in the jaw, and throughout the muscles of the head and neck sometimes leading to headaches or muscle tension. If we look past the pain symptoms, TMD can cause a world of dental problems if left untreated.

TMD takes ownership to a throughout list of dental complications. Because TMD results in extra tension and stress exerted on your teeth you may find one or all of the following in your mouth: chipped teeth, cracks, fractures, loose teeth, sensitive or painful teeth, worn and broken teeth. If you’ve ever heard your dental hygienist telling you about bone loss and gum recession at your regular dental cleanings, TMD can surprisingly be the culprit of theses oral signs.

If you’ve been told that your dental problems are because of your bite, you may have assumed the only solution is straightening the teeth by orthodontist (braces). Orthodontics do work to straighten teeth and make the teeth fit together, although not always do they address the position of the jaw or the muscles of the head and neck. The jaw position and the muscles of the head and neck are the foundation to a balanced bite. These muscles have to be relaxed before straightening the teeth or the pain symptoms will persist.

The first step to successful TMD treatment begins when Dr. Amy Yoo, a dentist in Calgary investigates your bite and alignment of your teeth with a thorough examination including a complete history, comprehensive examination, necessary X-ray evaluations, and head and neck muscle diagnosis.

If TMD is diagnosed, Dr. Amy Yoo has advanced technology to determine muscle activity. These tests will indicate whether your bite is a major contributing factor to your dental problem. Treatment options are non-invasive and no dental surgery is required.

Every patient is different, and every treatment will be different too. Our experienced team at White Oak Dental in Calgary will work with you to develop a treatment plan that will have you feeling better – and looking better- sooner than you ever expected. Don’t let your untreated TMD cause discomfort and dental concerns. Book a TMD evaluation today by calling Dr. Amy Yoo, in our conveniently located Calgary, AB dental office to schedule.